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Lee Hirsch

New York-based documentarian Lee Hirsch won widespread acclaim for his poignant and timely feature documentary Bully, which premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. The film became a cultural phenomenon, bringing to light the very real consequences of a little ‘harmless’ bullying.

Believing in the importance of the cause, Hirsch began a social media campaign on bullying and worked tirelessly to support grassroots movements to raise awareness, providing screenings of the film for kids and parents across the country, and pushing for national legislation.

Lee joined Moxie Pictures in 2012 and has since lent his observational style to campaigns for We The Economy and Aurora Health.  Most recently he has been working on a documentary series for XQ Institute, which tells the stories of American schools that are embarking on innovative approaches to education.

Lee currently lives in Brooklyn.