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Benjamin Caron

Benjamin Caron is a Golden Globe, Emmy & BAFTA, nominated British Film & Television director. His credits include Netflix’s “The Crown” Series 1-5, “Andor” for Disney +, and “Sherlock” and “Wallander” for the BBC.

Having started his TV career in commercials, documentaries and live music broadcasts, in 2015, Benjamin directed the multi-BAFTA, Emmy and Golden Globe winning detective series “Wallander” for the BBC, starring Kenneth Branagh. He followed this in 2016, directing “Sherlock”, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Mark Gatiss.

Benjamin’s went on to become Lead Director and Executive Producer of the first five seasons of Netflix’s critically-acclaimed series “The Crown”.

In 2022 he directed the critically-acclaimed Star Wars series (and prequel to “Rogue One) “Andor” for Disney+ and the heist-thriller “Sharper”, starring Julianne Moore, John Lithgow and Sebastian Stan, which premieres in theatres and on Apple TV+ in February 2023.