Blue Fly

Nicky Hilton

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With Bluefly’s concept of a web series devoted to going inside different celebrities’ closets in hand, director Lena Beug added her own unique twist and subtle artistic flair to imbue each “confession” with a sense of humor, honesty, and fun.

Nine videos were shot with celebrities such as Johnny Weir, Bethenny Frankel, Nicky Hilton, and others. In each clip the celebrity takes the viewer through different items in their closet, whether it be clothing or accessories, and provides the back-story for each piece. The result is not only an inventory of these peoples’ wardrobes, but a behind the scenes look at what drives their personal sense of style.

The popularity of these webisodes prompted Bravo to use them as interstitial content, which are airing now.

The result was a webisode series that added 50% to the average order of those who engaged with the content.


Lena Beug