One of the nation’s favorite shows is back again streaming on Apple TV+. Ted Lasso has been a hit since day one with phenomenal directors steering the helm such as our own MJ Delaney. Her work on Season 2’s “No Weddings And A Funeral” episode won her the 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series – we’re excited to see what 2023 will bring.

Congratulations to MJ’s ongoing success and growth with Ted Lasso – make sure to watch Delaney-directed Episodes 1 & 2 of the new season.

Moxie Pictures is excited to announce the streaming release of Benjamin Caron’s SHARPER. In this neo-noir thriller of secrets and falsehoods, set against the backdrop of New York City’s bedrooms, barrooms, and boardrooms, Benjamin’s characters are sure to keep audiences guessing until the final moment.

At select theaters and now streaming on Apple TV+. Happy Release Day Benjamin!

Moxie Pictures Director Martin Granger is no stranger to the biggest stage in advertising. His spot for Scotts Miracle-Gro included big names such as Martha Stewart and John Travolta, with features in AdAge, Today, and HuffPost. Back again with a Hellmann’s Mayonnaise campaign starring Pete Davidson, Brie Larson, and Jon Hamm, Martin’s Super Bowl commercial aired in the third quarter of the big game.

In case you missed it, watch Martin’s interpretation of how to save leftovers with mayo below.

Moxie Pictures director Kevin Thomas shares some of his favorite things with Shots in a quirky, entertaining dialogue with himself. From his desk, designed and built by George Nakashima, to a World Cup trophy slyly hiding an Emmy behind it, Kevin gets into the nitty gritty of his eclectic space.

Get a behind-the-scenes view of Kevin’s creative trinkets with his comical narrative as an added bonus in his “interview’ with Shots.

The trailer for Benjamin Caron’s first feature film is out now. “SHARPER” will hit select theaters on February 10, 2023, and Apple TV+ on February 17, 2023. Starring Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, Justice Smith, Briana Middleton, and John Lithgow, this psychological thriller captures the art of those who live by their wits.

Watch the official trailer here.

We are excited to announce the signing of the prolific and talented director Kevin Thomas. Kevin’s career in the creative industry began at shops including AMV, TBWA, Lowe, and M&C Saatchi. Quoted in Shots and ShootOnline, Moxie CEO Robert Fernandez says: “I have known Kevin for 20+ years, and have always been an admirer of his work. We are thrilled to have him on board and be part of the Moxie family.”

Welcome to the team Kevin! Take a look at his reel here.

Moxie director Martin Granger helms Progressive’s newest campaign with Dr. Rick, who’s taken it upon himself to stop young homeowners from becoming their parents. This time, Dr. Rick uses an elevator ride to educate a young man whose cheesy dad jokes rival the most seasoned of parents. Comedic and timed to perfection, this commercial speaks to Martin’s outstanding work with Progressive and we only hope to see it grow from here.

We’ve always known Danish director Peter Harton to be a truly unique and irreverent voice in comedy. Recently, he gave readers a personal look at his creativity through showing off his eccentrically curated home in Shots.

In ensuring that his environment is conducive to creating the high quality work which has won him ​​Cannes Lions, Clio, Epica, Ciclope, D&AD, and Creative Circle Awards since his professional career began in 2004 – Peter keeps things playful. Swapping the traditional rolling chair with a signature office hammock, he reminds us to “never confuse inactivity with laziness” – a trait no one would accuse him of after a brief glance at his Rainer Werner Fassbinder poster which he uses as motivation.

“Fassbinder managed to do 40 feature films, 24 plays, television series, and a bunch of other stuff before he died at age 37,” Peter explained, “So, when I plunge into a wormhole of procrastination, I glance at the poster and get my ass back into gear.”

Spotted with stacks of books from authors such as Chris Ware, graphic novelist Jimmy Corrigan, and more, Peter’s home decor pays homage to the creatives who inspire his work – as well as providing a stage for his own memorabilia, such as props from his original series Rytteriet, which shine on display.

Check out the full article here to take the full tour of Peter’s home – but be sure to turn on his favorite album “Mind Bomb” by The The before reading for the full experience.

From the mind of Director Marcus Svanberg comes Kiln, a folk-horror tale that encourages viewers to visit Sweden’s beautiful yet mysterious countryside — and maybe meet a mythological creature along the way.

Marcus wrote the screenplay for the short film commissioned by tourism board Visit Sweden and agency Weber Shandwick based on a short audio story of the same name from acclaimed horror author Ajvide Lindqvist, making sure to pack it full of Swedish folklore. The result is a supernatural adventure that you won’t soon forget.

Immerse yourself in this chilling tale below, and read more in shots.

Our four part documentary Netflix special, Meltdown: Three Mile Island, directed by Kief Davidson, is up for an IDA Award. The IDA Documentary Awards is a world renowned event dedicated to the documentary genre that seeks to represent excellence in the field from around the globe by established and emerging documentaries. Nominated in the category of Best Multi Part Series, the film explores the near catastrophe at Three Mile Island nuclear power.

The Awards Ceremony will take place on Saturday, December 10, 2022 at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles. We’re wishing Kief, and all nominees, the best of luck.

Moxie Pictures is pleased to announce that Golden Globe, Emmy, and BAFTA-winning British film and television director Benjamin Caron’s first feature film, Sharper, will be premiering February 2023.

The thriller unfolds within the secrets of New York City, from the penthouses of Fifth Avenue to the shadowy corners of Queens. Motivations are suspect and expectations are turned upside down when nothing is as it seems.

Benjamin expresses his excitement sharing, “I am extremely proud to say that I have directed my first feature film,” he says. “It’s called Sharper and it stars Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, Justice Smith, John Lithgow and introduces the fabulous Briana Middleton. I think it’s great and I hope you do too. Thank you for trusting in me to make this movie. It has been a dream come true and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Watch Sharper in select theaters on February 10, 2023, and on Apple TV+ on February 17, 2023.

Andor, the latest addition to the Star Wars universe on Disney+, is a two season limited series poised as a prequel to the events of Rogue One. Following protagonist Cassian Andor’s formative years of the Rebellion and his difficult missions for the cause, the action-packed series has become an instant hit after premiering in late September.

Moxie Director – and Golden Globe, Emmy and BAFTA winner – Benjamin Caron has directed episode seven of the series, now available for streaming. Click here to watch now on Disney+!