Watch the trailer for Dan & Antonio’s award-winning doc ‘Dina’

‘Dina,’ a “real life romantic comedy” directed by Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini and produced by Moxie Pictures, just released its first trailer and movie poster.

The documentary follows the lives of Dina and her fiancĂ©, Scott, an Autistic couple in love. For Dan Sickles, the idea for the documentary was close to his heart. Sickles’ father was a longtime mentor to Dina, and co-founded a social organization for those with developmental disabilities, of which Dina became an active member.

‘Dina’ is a touching film that shows all the authentic ups and downs of a relationship, especially one as unconventional as Dina and Scott’s. The Sundance Grand Jury prize winner originally premiered at the festival this past January and will get a limited release on October 6th.

Watch the trailer now and enjoy the very first poster, featuring Dina herself: