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Frank Todaro

Frank Todaro is an award-winning comedy director who started his successful career directing five years of ESPN’s game-changing campaign, “This is SportCenter.”

As a child, Todaro escaped the suburban squalor of Westchester, NY to shovel comedy in New York City’s creative blast furnace, first as a copywriter, and then as a commercial director for iconic campaigns for Nike, FedEx, Budweiser, Snickers, American Express, Mercedes, Heineken, and the highly awarded FX Networks campaign. Todaro’s work has garnered a wealth of awards, including Cannes Lions, Emmys, AICP awards, One Show and D&AD pencils. Todaro has also expanded his career into feature films as writer/director of “Above Freezing,” starring Academy Award Winner J.K. Simmons and comedian Mike O’Malley.

Todaro’s ability to create memorable characters in great comic settings has led to his continued success. Recent notable works include campaigns for Geico, Expedia and Uber, Radioshack and NFL as well as Hyundai’s award-winning Super Bowl spot “The Sixth Sense,” that follows a fast-reacting dad’s uncanny ability to protect his kids from danger.

Recognized as one of the commercial industry’s top comedy directors, Todaro always enjoys collaborating and creating, looking to push boundaries and innovations.