“The Most Dangerous Animal of All” premieres March 6

“The Most Dangerous Animal of All,” a docuseries exploring Gary L. Stewart’s search for his father and belief that he may be the Zodiac Killer, is set to premiere March 6 on FX. Co-created, directed and executive produced by Moxie’s Kief Davidson, the series is based on The New York Times best-seller of the same name and will air in four parts.

Kief is no stranger to crafting thoughtful and provocative documentaries. In recent years, he’s directed two documentaries for Netflix in ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff and The Ivory Game, and will serve as the creator, director and executive producer for Heroes for the Planet this year, a six episode series following social entrepreneurs as they fight climate change.

Catch the trailer above and tune into FX on March 6 and on Hulu the next day. See more from Kief on his reel.