Moxie Pictures named as 2017 Production Company Standout by Creativity

In AdAge and Creativity’s annual list of the best in advertising, Moxie Pictures was named as a Production Company Standout for an incredible year of work. The honor is bestowed every year in a handful of companies that show an exemplary portfolio that raises the bar of what advertising can be.

In their write-up, Creativity hails our “This is Boss Life” spot for Avon first and foremost. “Set to a new version of Gloria Gaynor’s classic empowerment tune ‘I Will Survive,’ the Broadway-style spectacular tells the story of a woman who breaks away from her humdrum office life to become her own boss, as an Avon seller.”

Creativity goes on to hail four more of our most popular spots of the year: “Earlier, Ms. Delaney had pulled off a similar power move for the United Nations’ ‘Project Everyone,’ which uses the Spice Girls’ classic pop song ‘Wannabe’ as an anthem to encourage women around the world to stand up for their rights.”

Lastly, our comedy chops are celebrated by the publication, in works for Vonage, Chrysler, and Verizon. “For Vonage and CP&B, Frank Todaro depicted how hilarious crappy business teleconferencing systems can be when set against real advances in modern technology—like a spaceship landing on Mars, while Martin Granger captured Jim Gaffigan doing his funny dad thing for Chrysler and Jamie Foxx meeting his imposter for Verizon.”