Martin Granger brings a new spin to Progressive with more of “Parentamorphosis”

Progressive Insurance—widely known for their commercials featuring Flo, the easily excitable and incredibly friendly spokeswoman—has debuted another spot from their second campaign, “Parentamorphosis.”

The campaign from Arnold Worldwide initially launched last November with two spots centered around people turning into their parents once they purchase their first home. There’s not much you can do to prevent that transformation, but Progressive is there to step in when it comes to insuring your first home.

“Parentmorphosis” continues with two new spots, “Group Session” and “Doppledinner.” “Group Session,” directed by Martin Granger and premiered during Thursday Night Football, works from the “Parentamorphosis” premise, showcasing a group of folks who are turning into their parents discussing their problems in a group therapy session. The group laments their transformation with complaints like, “I text in full sentences.” Progressive is there to save the day again, offering the best there is with insurance.

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