Jared Malik Royal Captures The Spirit Of Home For The Africa Center

Home is more than a physical location – it is a feeling of human connection and shared experience that you can access anywhere. In “Home is Here” for The Africa Center, Jared Malik Royal re-created the shared moments and experiences that feel like home.

The Harlem-based nonprofit aims to transform the world’s understanding of contemporary Africa and provide a gateway for engagement with the continent’s vast culture, business, and policy. To align with that, Droga5 Creative Director Courtney Richardson told Muse by Clio that “It was important to make our film in Harlem because of the historic significance it has in Black culture and American history.” The scenes captured by Jared throughout the streets of Harlem capture all of the ways that members of the community find home, both in their own lives and with the help of The Africa Center’s resources.

Watch the spot above, and see more from Jared on his reel.