Men of Vision


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Men of Vision offers a droll look at Hubert Moss, a swaggering early 20th century inventor who is in the midst of a dry spell that threatens to ruin him. With investors abandoning ship, a potential reprieve shows up in the form of  a young inventor hoping to rent some space in Hubert’s lab. Better still, he’s got some ideas. Could this be Hubert’s salvation? Men of Vision is a comment on ego, failures of imagination, and our idiotic inclination to go backward when the path forward is obvious.

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Written & Directed by: Frank Todaro
Starring: Aaron Serotsky, Brad Morris, Bryan Burton, Richard Portnow & William Aldridge
Produced by: Robert Fernandez & Laura Heflin
Executive Producer:  Dan Levinson
Cinematographer:  Neil Shapiro
Production Designer: Damon Fortier
Casting: David Vaccari & Ross Lacy
Editor:  Robert Watzke
Original Music: Raymond Loewy