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Directing duo Dan & Antonio second feature film, DINA explores an unconventional romance between Dina and Scott, two people who have never been valued for their eccentricities.  The film was produced by Moxie Pictures.

It chronicles their evolving relationship as it develops – celebrating their differences, their quest for sexual intimacy and honoring an unforgettable heroine as she navigates the ups and downs the couple faces as they make their way toward marriage. The film won the prestigious US Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. 

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Dan & Antonio

Production Company
Moxie Pictures in association with Killer Films & El Peligro Films

Executive Producers
Dan Levinson
Robert Fernandez
Christine Vachon
Dan Cogan
Stephanie Choate
Jenny Raskin

Director of Photography
Adam Uhl

Sofia Subercaseaux