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Vaughan & Anthea

Legendary commercial and music-video directors Vaughan & Anthea’s diverse and genre-defining career spans three decades.

They have collaborated with some of the greatest artists in pop-music history, and their commercial work includes seminal films for Levi’s and Stella Artois. Vaughan & Anthea’s visionary visual style is characterised by stand-out contemporary imagery and beautifully photographic storytelling.

Embarking on their careers in the late 1980s with a series of iconic, experimental music videos for up-and-coming artists, their distinctive, iconic work quickly attracted major artists such as George Michael and Jamiroquai.

It was only a matter of time before commercials came knocking. “DJ”, their breakthrough piece of work for Wrangler in 1991, was rapidly followed by Levi’s ‘Creek’ and Stella Artois ‘Red Shoes’.  Both campaigns won global acclaim, picking up D&AD honours for Best Direction and are still widely regarded as amongst the finest pieces of advertising of recent decades.

The pair were named Best Director by the BRIT Awards on three separate occasions, and in 2016 Vaughan was awarded the ICON award for Outstanding Contribution to Music Video at the UK MVAs.

In 1995, Vaughan & Anthea parted ways to pursue their solo careers, delivering acclaimed work for some of the biggest brands on the planet. Fast-forward to 2017, and Vaughan & Anthea have decided to get the band back together, and their creative partnership is reborn. The first fruit of their reunion is the much-lauded “Bring Merry Back” Christmas campaign for “House of Fraser.”