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Matthew Holness

Matthew Holness began his career in comedy, working on some of the most beloved and influential cult British-comedy, including co-writing and starring in the genre-defying comic-horror of “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace” and “Man to Man With Dean Lerner.”

His first-short film, an impeccable pastiche of “The Equalizer”, called ‘A Gun for George’, was produced by Warp Films for Film Four, and is currently being developed into a feature as “The Reprisalizer” with the BFI. He wrote and directed ‘The Snipist’ for Sky Arts Playhouse, and followed this up with “Smutch” – a parody of classic Hammer Horror movie, which premiered on Sky Arts at Halloween in 2016.

In the commercial world, Matt’s fastidious eye for detail and knack for whip-smart comic dialogue has led to him directing acclaimed campaigns for global brands such as Nando’s and Tango.

His first feature-film as writer and director – “The Possum” – is currently in production.