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Martin Granger

Martin Granger was born in London, England, raised in Winnipeg, Canada, and he made it big in NYC.  It was Martin’s time as an actor with the world renowned Second City Theatre Company in Toronto, where he discovered his knack for, and love of improvisational comedy. He also discovered that he was not that great of an actor. The fact that he was Mike Myer’s understudy helped with that realization tremendously.

Martin is funny, and it shows in his work for national brands including Geico, Progressive, AT&T, Heineken Bud Light, VW, Fed Ex, Skittles, NBC Sports, and, quite literally, hundreds more.

He has won major advertising awards from Cannes to Canada and dozens in between. Also, celebrities love him, maybe because he makes them laugh. Or, more likely, because he has no idea who they are.  His wife and daughter live with him in NYC, and they love him.