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Dan & Antonio

Dan & Antonio are a New York/Paris  based directing duo comprised of San Juan, Puerto Rico native, Antonio Santini and Philly boy, Dan Sickles.

Originally they met at an NYU party. Apparently Dan looked like an interesting guy in his sombrero, so a conversation was started.

The pair first came together to direct ‘Mala Mala’, a vibrant and visually stunning documentary about the Trans experience in Puerto Rico in 2014. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival that year and received rave reviews, with Wesley Morris calling the film “one of the richest, most emotionally complicated portraits of identity” he’s ever seen, and winning an Audience Award for Documentary Filmmaking. That was one of many wins for this groundbreaking film.

The pair’s second feature, ‘Dina’- an unconventional nonfiction love story of an eccentric suburban woman and a Walmart door-greeter won the US Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Dina Buno, the protagonist of the film, was a former student of Dan’s father who worked as a Special Ed teacher. She later became Dan’s babysitter. Dina loves the film, raving “Im a diva!”, and Indiewire said of her…”It’s safe to say that its lead [Dina] gives the best performance of the year in the story of her life.”