Head to Head


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Head to Head was the centerpiece of a content-driven, integrated campaign that celebrates one of the South’s true loves: High School Football.

Head to Head was a 12 episode documentary series about 2 rival schools and its two head coaches. Each episode was shot, edited and aired weekly on network TV in the south and was picked up for national distribution on Fox Sports Net in Spring 2010.

In addition, we documented the stories behind the five biggest rivalries in Mississippi which culminated with live broadcasts of each game on NBC affiliates throughout the state. Each game attracted 15,000 attendees and the broadcasts pre-empted primetime network programming. All of the stories documenting the rivalries was part of a dedicated website and in total, over 26 hours of programming was produced.

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Cellular South and Y&R Entertainment

A Moxie Pictures Production

Directed By
Tim Skousen & Dan Levinson

Produced By
Robert Fernandez & Dan Levinson

Series Producer
Lisa Gildehaus

Executive Producers
Nathy Aviram and Kerry Keenan