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Veteran commercial and music-video director Vaughan Arnell’s career spans three decades. Through iconic promos for Robbie Williams, The Spice Girls, Jamiroquai and George Michael, to landmark commercials for the likes of Levi’s and Stella Artois.

Vaughan has honed his trademark visual style, blending photographic storytelling with his distinctively playful sense of humour.

Throughout his diverse, genre-defining career, Vaughan has collaborated with some of the greatest artists in pop-music history. He has been named Best Director by the BRIT Awards on three separate occasions. In 2016 he was awarded the seminal ICON award for Outstanding Contribution to Music Video at the UK Music Video Awards, an award previously given to Jonas Akerlund and Jonathan Glazer.

Vaughan’s early commercial work won him global acclaim. Levi’s ‘Creek’ and Stella Artois ‘Red Shoes’ both picked up D&AD honours for Best Direction and are widely regarded as amongst the finest piece of advertising of recent decades. His recent work for the likes of Sky, BBC and Emirates highlight his ever-keen eye for intricately stylised beauty, self-deprecating humour and a matchless ability to draw exquisite performance from celebrities such as Kate Moss, Bruce Willis and Idris Elba.